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Hi friends...

'Everyone has the longing to do more and better and we are consistently competing with colleagues, friends and even family.  I think the first thing popping into your head would be, ‘Yes, but time and energy? Where do you even start?'

I want to guarantee you that you are not the only one ,even the most successful people sometimes feel all balled up and drained.  

Here are 7 awesome energy boosters to get you feeling great and back to bouncing off the walls:

1. Be honest with yourself

Live your truth in all you do or say ,don’t pretend. Everyone has their capabilities and if you can’t do something it doesn’t make you useless or unworthy.

2. Count your blessings

Express gratitude for the little steps you take every day, it’s a sign of progress.  Say for instance you are struggling to decide whether you should watch new episode of Breaking Bad or you should rather do the administration you’ve been behind with for two weeks, do the admin and gratify yourself with an episode.

3. Give yourself permission to say NO to things that don't benefit you.

Decline unnecessary distractions, learn to be jealous with your time. Time is precious! You know your beliefs, your values and therefore you are entitled to say no.  You don’t even have to give an explanation, they’re already mad at you for saying no, would an explanation change it?

4. Define your goals

Put them in writing and carry them out.  Put it where you can see it constantly, on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on your desk, you have to be reminded until you feel guilty for not attaining it yet.  The only way to get really motivated… 

5. Stop procrastinating

Remember procrastination is an enemy to progress ,think of it as your brother in prison – you don’t want to see him, you don’t want to talk to him, in fact, you’ll do anything to avoid him. Complete tasks on allocated time! 

6. Take time out

Make time for things that make you relax. Recharge from time to time. You’re not a machine and you are not designed to work 24/7. Do simple things you haven’t done in a while, drive out to the nearest park with your children and enjoy a milkshake and some chips and just swing like children do, talk about small stuff and just laugh!

7. Let nothing hold you back

Encourage yourself, be your No.1 fan, don't take everything to heart. You won’t be everyone’s favourite and you won’t be able to do everything everyone else does, but that’s why you are you and you should keep on moving.  Do what you do best!

I’m leaving you with the following - "Everything in life has to have purpose -friends, love, work, family...but you need to be present to enjoy it. "


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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
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