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Are your batteries running low?


Hi friends...

'Everyone has the longing to do more and better and we are consistently competing with colleagues, friends and even family.  I think the first thing popping into your head would be, ‘Yes, but time and energy? Where do you even start?'

I want to guarantee you that you are not the only one ,even the most successful people sometimes feel all balled up and drained.  

Here are 7 awesome energy boosters to get you feeling great and back to bouncing off the walls:

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Your Choice...Your life!!!

Your Choice...Your life!!!

Hi Friends...

Today we will be looking at the benefits being disciplined when it comes to what we put inside our bodies. Are we making better choices for our Health?

Benefits of Eating For Your Health!!!

Healthy eating improves your mood. (it stimulates endorphins, brain chemicals that leave you feeling relaxed). It Boosts Energy (Eating healthy is like putting fuel in your body, you can't put the wrong one for your body)

“You can’t control everything in life, but you can control what you put in your body”

Healthy eating, Drinking water, Sleeping well and Working out,all go hand-in hand. Bad food causes fatigue, good food increases energy. Healthy eating is Not about dieting. It is Not about eating less, it’s about eating better.

“Eat to Live, don’t Live to eat”

Dieting is not sustainable because it’s not normal. It feels like constant punishment.

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Psychology Effects of how you dress when meeting clients.


Psychological effect of what you wear when meeting clients

How you present yourself says a lot about your company. Always pair your jeans with formal pieces, e.g. formal jacket, Shirt or blouse. Avoid clothes that require constant adjusting like miniskirts and boob tubes. “Research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of you. They assume that your Financial, Emotional, Career state is on track”. Represent your company well. 

Note: It takes 20-32 seconds to make a good or poor first impression.



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